Being good isn't enough,

you also have to look good.



you also have to look good.

Harmony and radiance

{ thorough planning }

The judgement of your company or concern is based more and more on the intensity of your online appearance. Most customers meet your website first, and than your company. The success of a business stands or falls on the first impression.

We help businesses create a first impression trustworthy of their customers by  harmonizing their business’s physical and online appearance.


{ experience }

Custom design and visual communication is a key factor in a business’s online appearance. Extend your possibilities with with a effective, modern website! 


{ efficiency }

The online space is expanding dynamically. You may lose serious income by not using e-commerce. Let us setup your webshop for maximum efficiency!


{ reliability }

From the millions of websites found on the internet only a sum produce actual profit. Why is this? Besides pour implementation the cause is the lack of follow-up and maintenance.

Responsive design

{ precise implementation }

Our online presence today isn’t limited to the classic PC appearance. Most users use their smartphone browsers to look for relevant services that they require. Potential customers may leave your website because of pour mobile design and implementation.

This is why responsive design is a must-have and not an option when planning and creating a website for your business.

Online business card

Who we are

{ introductions }

As one of our clients said, we are Intuitive webdesigners. This means that every contractor, concern or company has a personality. Though our work, we are able to emphasize this personality online so it is compatible with the business’s style. Our main objective is cooperation. We believe that proper communication between client and webdesigner leads to an admirable appearance in the online world.

Ádám Bakos


László Felföldi

Our clients’ opinions

{ cooperating partners }

Ádám and Laci brought to life exactly what we fabricated as we dreamt it would be. Thanks to their precise, accurate and fast work our digital business card is as exclusive as any professional’s.

Gábor Németh

We are very satisfied with the work of Kompakt Design team. From the start I felt that they were always thinking about improving the usability of the site they were building. The end result fully complied with my expectations, even excieded it.

Gergely Virág

Featured references

{ success stories }


{ Hethland in Zamárdi }


{ Festival Academy }


{ Gold investment }

Where to find us?

{ let’s cooperate }

We work in Szeged. Our projects however come from the whole country or abroad. We keep in touch with a number of our clients smoothly online so if you have internet connection, our cooperation will not be a matter of physical location or distance.

All it takes is for you to write us a message.

Don’t hesitate!